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in the workspace

from brief

First off, we’ll have to meet and discuss in order to gather the information we need for building a brief. This means asking both management and individual teams all the right questions about your organisation’s needs and wants from the space, and materialising them holistically into all the ideas and solutions that fulfil the brief.

to build

Afterwards, we’ll actually build it for you, from the construction works to installations, plumbing, electricity and HVAC in a manner that holds up both to industry standards and our very own ones. We take into account health and safety, wellness, sustainability certifications, on top of assuring a high level of craftsmanship and expertise for each of these steps.

what is the right
solution for your organisation?

No two organisations are the same, so there can’t possibly be one solution that works for each and every one. With that being said, we build our concepts on three main frameworks:

the collage

its character comes from a mix of old & new, high &low, classic & modern

The idea behind this concept is that of understanding your client in order to develop a space that is tailor-made to their needs, way of working and culture. These three elements - space, organisation & culture - are the cornerstone of a company’s profile and result in the specific elements that once put together make up the collage office, which both looks and works the way the customer wants it to.

STUDIO office

a mix between a static and a varied working environment

The heart of the Studio Office is the Business Club, an informal meeting and discussion place. The central area is surrounded by individual studios for teams, a spatial structure strengthens communication between the employees – and with the management, which is also located in the open landscape.

citizen office

a tailor-made space for your company’s needs

This is a space with a complex infrastructure - like a city. The central forum is the main square, and the workstations around it function as individual neighbourhoods of this city. In the context of digital and remote work, the Citizen office acts like a charging station, a place to share ideas with colleagues and for interacting with the other teams present.

club office

platform for community, collaboration and learning

The latest office concept developed by our main partner, Vitra, is that of the Club Office, an approach that emphasises the importance of social interaction in a post-pandemic context, with the aim of prioritising communal spaces that capture the identity of a company and provide a sense of belonging and common purpose.

latest project


citizen office
>1500 sqm

In the immediate post-pandemic period, YONDER reached out to us for the refurbishment of their existing office spaces. In collaboration with our partners at Format 4, we set out to create a new home base for the returning team and to breathe new life in an already existing context.

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The Collage Concept

Ioana Bolboacă
Following this concept means understanding your client in order to develop a space that is tailor-made for their needs, workflow and culture.
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A Citizen at the Office

Ioana Bolboacă
The Citizen model represents a landmark in the history of office design - implemented in its first iteration at the turn of the century in the Vitra Campus at Weil am Rhein, it remains as relevant today as it was then.
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